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Bullets hitting invisible hitboxes on hills etc.
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When firing while standing on a hill, very (very) often, the bullets will hit the ground directly in front / below the person firing. This happens when prone, crouching and sometimes even when standing but happens particularly often standing on hillsides.

On a related note, swinging a melee weapon (specifically the fire axe) within the school causes the hit to register on the low ceiling - not the person sitting directly in front of you!


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E.g. I cannot shoot through a fence with holes inside.

Can confirm melee hitting low ceiling inside of schools. Doesn't just happen with fireaxe, will also happen with baseball bat, splitting axe, and crowbar

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Already reported

#6320 - Firing on hills
#2825 - Melee indoors

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Can confirm. This seems to be a pretty game breaking bug. Considering in most firefights, someone is always on a hill.

Has parent #0006671

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Refer to #0006320: firing up hill or down hill bullet hits infront with iron sights even aimed way above the ground for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

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