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Fatal stairs
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I have just died twice on the same place because of textures. On the great airfield near Vybor in the Fire Station between last and second last floors there are stairs. I was just running fast from the last floor down, and i don't know why, but I've heard painful voice from my character and then "You are dead". It is not the first time. Try to resolve this issue, thanks.


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"I have just died twice on the same place because of textures"

What does that even mean?

Btw, I died in an instant while I was climbing up the east side ladder on the firestation at the north western airfield. I died not even having reached the top. Don't know why. Don't think I was shot.

Grumpy, there are metal stairs inside, not the ladder. I reached the top floor, then I was going to run down, and when I was running down through the stairs, I've got message "You are dead" and painful scream, like when you are dying after falling. I'm sure it's texture bug or sth like this, because it's not the first time. Btw server was empty, so murderers are excluded.

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I'll use this thread as it is the fire station and falling kind of. I'm at the very top of the fire station at cherno I'm crouching and then walk to the outside steps to go down to the main roof. I get the little triangle to say I can climb down. I use my middle mouse button for the action to get on the steps. Next thing I know I'm falling then dead. The programing made me miss the steps completely. Any one else had this happen?


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding the fire station stairs is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #2920.

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