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[suggestion] GUI for Energized Hydrated Healthy on the main screen
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So, we have the graphic interface for these conditions on the inventory screen, but to access this information, I need to access the inventory screen. No, that is not hard to do, but this is pretty primal information. I believe that if we are to be granted the graphic interface for that information, it is of such critical importance that I would like to see it on my main screen.

I know the game did not start out showing that stuff at all and we had to guess at our condition. I understand that mindset. I understand that it is to create a heightened awareness of character condition. Also, it rewards veterans who understand it. The GUI was granted because the general population is not veteran and will not be veteran. The general population is the lowest common denominator. To satisfy the lowest common denominator, we need to simplify a few things. The food/water/heal model in this game is awesome, but complicated. Making it easier for people to understand by providing the GUI makes the game much more playable for the general population.

We have now admitted the GUI. I say lets make it front-and-center, right there on the main screen.


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Dean said main screen will be clear evet in full version of game.

Ya, well, Itchypantz says otherwise.


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Yes, I think also that the main screen should stay clean as possible.

"To satisfy the lowest common denominator" The lowest denominator can go play CoD and leave us alone. If somebody finds THIS game too complicated, then they shouldn't have bought it, seriously, it's not that difficult to understand.

Hey ORANGE, "The lowest common denominator" buys games. LOTS of them. If you don't include them in your sales plan and development process, then you will have trouble finding investors. You will also have trouble getting your game to go blockbuster. *shrug* I am like you. I don't give a rip about them either, but Dean should.