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[suggestion] Veterancy
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I really think there should be some measure of veterancy. It could be in lots of ways and frankly, I am not decided on how it should be.

It could be in the simple form of some sort of score. A tally of Zeds killed, Survivors killed, and maybe even healing actions undertaken.

It could be with the old Hero/Bandit skins.

It could be with a bit of a 'toughness' perk.

I don't know. I just feel that staying alive for several hours/days should show some sort of reward. I should have more to show than a fresh spawn.

What say all of you?


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Sounds fine to me. I can't imagine something like this is not going to be implemented. I'm not sure if a perk is necessary, but I would not mind.

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Your veterancy will eventually be shown by the rare end-game loot/vehicles and structures. I'm sure once the game is balanced and content is added theyll eventually add the old bandit/hero skins as well.

'end-game' loot/vehicles/structures? Hmm...
Can't wait!