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[suggestion] Holster provides one slot for inventory
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It is my opinion that the holster should provide one inventory slot. I think a holster would hold a bandage, fruit, can of food, matches, etc... I cannot wear it AND a vest and I cannot wear it AND a pillow jacket. There are tradeoffs involved and trading off inventory storage is part of the decision about what to wear.

In a low-inventory situation, when I am gearing up, I will completely bypass the holster unless I have a gun that needs storage. I think it should be useful for SOMETHING!


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To wear the pillow jacket, you must remove the holster. The pillow jacket cannot hold one pistol in it, as the pillow jacket has three inventory slots. The lowest shirt that is not a T-shirt, the checked shirt, has two slots. To have the checked shirt AND a holster, in a low-inventory state, equals the pillow jacket, IF the holster gets one slot. The pillow jacket should not really trump the holster.

I think the devs should seriously consider this.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I really should be able to put at least a banana in the holster!

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Actually the Holster it's not a bag, it has a hole in it. If you put a gun, you can see the end of the gun down the Holster. So any Item you would make in it would fall on the ground.

The holster is intended to only contain handguns. Not being able to put anything else in there is the correct behaviour.