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Ladders to get on roof of apartment buildings
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So I got to Chapaevsk, the town close to the south west airfield and decided to go on the roof of an apartment building to check my surroundings. To my surprise though, when i climb the ladder on the last floor, I get to the top but cant climb onto the roof, instead, I keep climbing the ladder even when finished and then just fall back down to the last floor, i've tried a couple of times but same thing every time.

Just thought I'd let you guys know.

Keep up the good work!!


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In version 0.35.115188, I also have this issue with the apartment buildings in Berezino. Sometimes I can make it onto the roof. Other times, I just stop climbing and fall to the bottom. If I try to vault at the top, I usually make it onto the roof.

ver: 0.35.115188
south-east of Khelm & north of Lumber mill
small apartment complex behind church
rooftop Ladder

same issue

Can confirm, tried climbing ladder to the roof in the Berezino apartment block at 128 052 on the DayzDB map. Near the top, I fell back down to the floor, breaking my legs.

Duplicate of #1425 (Fall off ladders in top floor of 8 story buildings).

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