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Respawn does not work after unconcious
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I finally connected to a server, got in and I was unconscious, thinking it was a game bug after like 15 minutes I hit respawn. I let the timer run down until it said I could respawn, it hit zero and opened up with the message that I was dead, after trying to hit respawn 3 times, each time with the same result. Makes the game completely unplayable for me, and other users have had the same issue


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Same as in the description

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Having the same problem here. I haven't been able to respawn for the past 2 hours.

I am having the exact same problem.

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I have the solution for this problem.

  1. frist you have to rename your character.
  2. then login to a normal server.
  3. when the message appears "you are dead" or "unconcious"
  4. press "esc" key and press "restart" button
  5. then the timer will go down form 30 seconds
  6. in this time the timer will go down to 0 (zero)

you have to login to another server, you have to hurry
up to switch the server. than you will be respawn normally.

This solution doesn't work for me. Sometimes, I have also "Please Wait" and...nothing happen.

Skymuss those solutions do not work, I got it to work you just have to swtich to servers a few times. This issue still needs fixed though.