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Game crashes to desktop on stable and experimental
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Game crashes to desktop suddenly. Without any sort of performance drop or frame rate drop, the game suddenly freezes and crashes to desktop. I am still able to hear the environmental sounds in the game. I am select to go back to DayZ but the game's window never comes back. Generally occurs anywhere from 1-15 minutes into game play. Occurs on BOTH experimental and stable branches.


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Game Crash
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No steps to reproduce. I have picked up various items, played various servers, and it still randomly crashes. Only guarantee is a ctd within 15 minutes with no performance drop.

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Was this issue fixed with the hotfix 0.35.115188? From the bug tracker it sounds to be the same issue but it is still occurring for me. ?

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The servers I have been joining have been displayed as being up to date in the server browser. I just joined one of those servers and during load it displayed "Stable Branch 115.007". Whats the deal with this?

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Please upload crash dump reports when reporting game crashes. Tutorial here:

The issue is not that it is crashing anymore. The servers are not up to date.