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Hunting for food/skinning/cooking
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In the mod we were able to hunt for food cows,boar,chicken,rabbit Etc. I know its early but with the food being scarce and the characters metabolism being so high I was wondering when this might be a possibility?

There is still a level of difficulty to this i know, needing a knife to skin with firewood or portable stove or a kitchen/retaurant to prepare it in. and the possibility that someone may see your fire when cooking.


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As far as I know this is going to be possible. Just hold on thight...

Hey there,

as others have already pointed out. This is something that is planned and will be implemented later on in the development.

Thank you for your feedback however. Feature requests are always welcome, not only bugs. We gather these regularly and give them a fair consideration.

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How can people down vote this? I am seeing people complaining about things they could fix by using their configure button and getting Voted way up

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People ( including me ) are downvoting because:

  1. This is not a bug, but a feature request
  2. If you go to the forums, you will see that these features will be implemented
  3. This feature request has been requested several times here already, use the search function
  4. It will be ready, when it's ready

thats kind of a retarded reason to down vote and when i searched for such a request no one had mentioned it if you would use your search function you would see I am right.

But fair enough it will be implemented,and there is no reason to keep this open other than to let you see my comment.