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Players taking advantage of server hopping.
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I was in a radio tower on the top floor and seen a guy spawn right infront of me. Being scared i killed him and looted some of his stuff not being able to throw his stuff on the ground (also would be a good idea, to be able to loot items from another player and have another open slot to toss things on the ground instead of having to equip them then toss them on the ground) i took a weapon of his and traded him with mine. Not 1 minute goes by and im down stairs of the radio tower and the same guy with all his previous gear, despite the fact i just killed him, ties my friend up because he's still upstairs and thinks he killed him. I wait and he comes down stairs again.. i kill him again and not even 1 minute later i hear him spawn in again in the same spot upstairs with the same gear.


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I'm not sure how to do that but i just notice it was a major flaw in the game and makes it a huge disadvantage to other players.

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I agree with this. I think it detracts from the experience when a guy can kill you and take your gear; then hop onto a new server away from you to hide and continue playing. I feel like it's an option that undermines the atmosphere that DayZ is striving for. I don't think that a timer keeping a player from playing on a new server is sufficient. I honestly think gear should not be able to hop from server to server.