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Invisible zombies damage player
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I'm encountering zombies in towns on the current experimental (0.36.115297) build that I can't see, but they are able to attack me.


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I haven't tried reproducing it yet. It's still on going.

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I got into this issue yesterday.

I can hear the zombie, but i can't see it nor hit it with my hatchet.

I had this issue in Svet, on Stable branch. Could hear zombies, couldn't see any, started to walk around and then starting taking damage. Could hear the sounds of them hitting me, but couldn't see them anywhere, ran inside a building and it sounded like they were following me.

Took dmg inside the building as well until I fired my gun around me just in case, then ran up stairs when the attacking stopped. Seems like they couldn't follow me up stairs. Could still hear them but couldn't see them, thought they might be under the map/ground, but wasn't sure. logged out on top floor of house.

Duplicate of #0000150 and #0000365.

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to 0000150: Invisible zombies for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.