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No servers in server browser
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I played DayZ standalone for few days then all servers dissapeared from the server list. So for now, for 3 days I see no servers on server list. Just blank screen

I tried:
-Changing filters
-Reinstalling of the game
-Turning off all firewalls and anti-virus programs



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Steam
  2. Start DayZ Standalone
  3. Push Play or goto Server Browser
  4. Now I see no servers
Additional Information

One additional point I would like to mention.
Last time I played DayZ I had been killed and logged out when my character died. But now in a lobby I may see my previous character, but he is dead. Maybe there is some connection.

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You have a filter set at 100 ping (default). If your ping is higher than that you won't see any server in your list.

As I mentioned in the Description: -Changing filters

I changed ping to 1000, 10000 and more
I changed number of players and everything else

And as I am from Russia, we do have lots of Russian servers with ping aroun 5-15.
I just see no servers and ping is not the reason

  1. Delete DayZ, name and name.vars in your documents/Dayz.
  2. Go into your game settings in Steam (right click on Dayz) and verify the integrity of your game cache.
  3. Try to install Play WithSix if nothing has changed.

Play WithSix- is it for DayZ Standalone too? I heard that that program is only for Mod.

No it works for Standalone now, I tried it.

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Yesterday I also had connection problems, I
think they maintained the database or something else.

I just reinstalled the game and cleaned everything. Now I see no character in lobby and again no servers.

Will try to install game on office computer to check if the problem is from my side or from steam side..

Hm, everything works perfect from my office computer.
So the problem is with my connection..

Yes, you should look into your internet router options and see if:

  • your firewall options are set to normal.
  • If "respond to ping" is activated.
  • If UPNP is activated.


this ticket is pretty old already. Could you please let us know if this is still a problem?

Also, when your issue should have been resolved (or "resolves itself") meanwhile, please close your tickets to prevent the feedback tracker from filling up needlessly. Thanks.