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Red screen and leg/pants hit/hurt upon spawn/connect
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Everytime i connect, i receive a red screen, my char seems to be hurted, and i can see my pants and status decrease. An example, i find a pristine cargo pant, i have to disconnect, and then : bam, red screen, sounds of pain, and then, the pant is either damaged or badly damaged, same for the items within, and so for my healthy status.
I am full stuff, with 6+6+8+35 slots, all totally filled (including 2x 300cartridges box, and a yellow container).
Maybe it has to do with weight ? But i think that's a huge bug.


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If anyone can find a solution so that i won't have to change my pants everytime i spawn/connect, please, let me know.

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I have this problem too. On most every login I have the same symptoms : Red screen, Hurt, scream, etc... regardless of if my inventory is full or not.

I understand now why my pants statut's pristine decrease or get ruined a lot of time was guessing it was Zeds hitting me.

In some French forums i've seen a lot of people reporting that they got broken legs straight out on logging in... Broken legs and so ruined pants and ruined items in it. Look like the same problem.

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Hi Headx,
Thanks for your help and nice to see i'm not the only one, even if it's not that kind of nice since it's truly annoying ^^.

Same problem here. On every login.

Started experiencing this very issue today. I usually logout on a second floor. When I started getting this very issue, I started logging out on ground level. However, I would still get this pain red screen upon spawning like I have fallen, even on ground level.

I have experienced this issue, but perhaps only 20% of the time. I have not been able to determine the pattern, but the last time it happened, I respawned close to a wall. Could this be the result of a collision with the wall, while respawning?