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Camera clipping with interiors, ability to see through walls
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I have noticed this issue mostly with the big military building with a prison cell.


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Make your character sit down against a wall across the metal doors in the military building and use alt function to look around. This enables the player to see outside the building. There are definitely more buildings where this can happen.

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It is not a problem with the buildings but the whole camera system. It doesn't detect collision properly or something like that. It disrupts the gameplay very often and should be looked into.

I am writing 114557 version but this problem is in all versions so far.

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You can lean through the wall sometimes too.

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

I am closing this as duplicate of #0004002: Legal wallhack [3rd person + lean Q/E]

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, and add any extra information in the notes section.