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Police Vest no protection against bullets.
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Сlass PoliceVest : VestBase {

		class DamageArmor {
			ballistic = 0.1;
			bleed = 0.98;

class PressVest_Blue : BallisticVest {
class BallisticVest : VestBase {
class DamageArmor {

			ballistic = 2;
			bleed = 0.9;



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Probably by design as it's an anti-stab vest rather than a bullet-proof vest

yeah anti stab vest not a ballistic vest like the press

sheLLHD added a subscriber: sheLLHD.May 8 2016, 5:06 PM

ye i remember it's been called anti stab vest in a earlier version.

Anti-stab vest haven't CargoSize for loot. It should be protected by bullets.
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Please close this ticket like obsolete

@Geez please close this ticket

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