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Inreasing lags during 10-20 mins of play
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Hi, while just connect the game - performance is good. But in 10-20 minutes of play it become frame by frame, in next 10 mins it completely hangs. after game restart it's ok next 10-20 minutes and so on. Found this issue yesterday evening. Im playing with my friend and the has same issue. Last few day we're running Vybor region, military base and airfield, hope it will be usefull. Tried different servers, but it's all the same everywhere {F30237}


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run for buildings at airfield

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tried to set lowest graphic setting while it starts lagging but absolutely no difference if it's lowest or highest. my machine: core i5 2500, 8gb ram, geforce gtx770 2gb

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It has been fixed on the experimental build. I tried it a little while ago. As far as I know they will push it in the update tomorrow.

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fps issues are being fixed in a patch today iirc

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The main reports for this issue are at #8308 and #8262

Please close this issue as duplicate and add your info there.

This problem should be fixed in the next stable release, which is scheduled for tomorrow

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