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Wallhacker, Teleporter or just : Cheater! ( STOP this kiddies ! )
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I think there is a very very big problem with the DayZ game.

In the video I posted at the end of this message are players who cheat/teleport or wallhack.

This issue needs to be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and specially before other issues!

You can see, sorry, the stupid cheater/wallhacker/teleporter in this video

FROM MINUTE 7 and 30 seconds <<



How to steal gear: [^]
{F30232} {F30233}


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Yes, this is the problem (Killer = unknown).

But it's less at DayZ to solve this problem. It's more at Steam to block players like this.

On the other hand.. some code to check if there is a player who changes his position too fast if there is NO lag.. this would be good.

If there is no lag and there is a player who changes his position too fast == KICK.

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Teleport and Wallhacker - wiped our 5 man squad in seconds


please discuss general state of hacks in this issue. If you manage to find any actual hacks or links to them, please post them in here and make the notes private so that only the developers can see them.

As before, please try to keep the negativity to minimum.

Thank you!

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In the mean time, if you encounter a hacker and manage to kill them, check their pulse immediately. it will tell you their name until they respawn, then you can report the name to a server admin.

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Of course JStewart, I totally understand that when the game releases the security will be top notch, or to the best of your abilities. However you guys been implementing anti-hax stuff during the course of the last few weeks we all see an increase of hacking activity, so pardon us for sometimes being skeptic about these mentioned updates.

As a whole, the game is nearly unplayable. The only solution now is to get into a server where you are just alone and hop out when there gets more then 5 ppl on to prevent getting hacked and killed.

P.S. you can delete all my messages, keeps the thread clean :)

Another great example of cheating in this game.
I have no idea, guy was invisible and was nowhere around as i checked...

Solo added a comment.Nov 19 2014, 10:46 PM

It's just a shame they don't care, the hackers been here since they had the entire source 'stolen' ?? from them. From that time forward, a whole year later now, the hacking just went on and on and kept getting more and more. Then you see Devs play on the servers telling everyone how cool the game is and so on. They should play on normal servers out there and get face to face with a hacker every 10 minutes. Only then they should know the problem, cause right now I do not think they know how bad the issue is and they think we just make a huge elephant out of a fly!

That is not entirely true Solo. Security issues have been touched upon frequently in quite a few of the latest weekly status reports:

Please keep in mind that as with development of the game, the security measures will also continuously be further developed.

Also everyone, please use the notes for adding info/links that relate to the issue. I understand it's frustrating to wait while the devs work on dealing with the security measures but for discussions/venting, please use the DayZ forums.

On that note, I'll start clearing out this section. In case your note has been deleted and you feel that your message still needs to come across, feel free to use the forums:

Hey devs,
balleye has a new Version published.
I don't know how good it is because we Play most times only on closed Server.
Yesterday we were the first time on a public full Server again and we saw immediately a guy with Speed-hack near electro. 2 sec. later one of us were death and we disconnect.
So: It Looks like that the new Version is not so effectiv. As a small Feedback...

Okay... today we tested alot of public Server in EU.
Nothink changed. The new Service reduced the cheater a Little bit but we played near 5hours and was killed 5 times by different cheater and cheater.

  • Teleporting with axt
  • Auto kill and unconscious by getting one hit on the head (REMOTE)
  • Aimbot, Show where opponents are and wallhack
  • Godmode (unable to kill)
Solo added a comment.Dec 13 2014, 8:31 AM

And still they wonder why we act negative and are sceptic about the 'so called' anti cheat implementations

(watches video, jaw drops)
(raises fist and shouts into the air angrily)
"Time WIZARD!!!"

The game is not playable anymore - REALY.
4 player team on 3 Public Server = 14 times cheater deads - 2 normal deads.
Most perfidious: join near electro (radius 1.5km), 1 second online (me only please wait and also) and all heady by cheater.
I will stop playing the game. It dosn't metter whitch sever you join... only cheaters. Its more worst with cheater as before the battleye-update comes out.

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If we see can players name from the game when they kill us.We can report them until anti-hack starts to be useful.

It's not getting better - it's getting worse. Almost every second gaming session (3-4 hours) you meet a hacker (in Elekto). Yesterday I managed to get 9 nettings (o happy day - this guy must have searched them for weeks). Because the server was almost empty, we switched to another. I told my mates "you will see... after this incredible amount of luck we will hit a hacker in no more than 5 minutes an die". Well... I was wrong. I died 15 seconds after joining the server - just a few seconds before my mates died 500m away. The hacker didn't even loot our stuff... he just shot everyone in Elektro and speedhacked upwards to Berenzino (we met him again as a newspawn).

armen jurvei... like it was to our team.

Just uploaded this video of a hacker that found me on January 7th.

Solo added a comment.Jan 9 2015, 7:09 PM

Cheaters promoting their stuff:
and and and... list goes on and on, it getting worse every day

P.S. let's not forget the most advanced one :

I've reported the video as a promotional video. Intention is that Youtube will delete the accounts and locks.
Therefore, the videos can be gone ect.
I have the most important links for the admins rauskopiert in a private mail copies

Franzuu added a subscriber: Franzuu.May 8 2016, 5:05 PM

Why can't Bohemia hit certain webpages with a google search result DMCA?

I think Bing has the same thing too.

When they find a new website that has dayz hacks they can DMCA them from google search and keep monitoring the website.

This way the only things you get through google as far as dayz hacks go are trojans and keyloggers.