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crash + delete char
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today I'm playing in Ger server... I'm crashd after 20minute and see an error :
"Session Closed"

I try to re-join into the game and in the lower right corner is appeared a red message:
"your character is not succesfull loaded.. now is restart.. the administrator has noted it " ( about )

I lose all equip and my char respown (nickname : Spaccio )


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another 4 times.... i play... equip my char... quit from the server and when re-log the error:

"your character is not succesfull loaded.. now is restart.. the administrator has noted it "

4 times in 2 hour... plz help...

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I was playing about 20 min ago and the game stopped responding for me and 3 other friends at the same time. I log back into the server and i have lost everything and respawned. The rest of my friends are fine.

Name in game is [TWZ]Despise and was lost about 23:35 GMT

Are you able to return him as i have been alive for weeks and fully kitted.


Karakoz added a subscriber: Karakoz.May 8 2016, 5:04 PM

Same for me and my friend. My friend got disconnected, we both logged back on the server. I found him dead with his pants destroyed although there was no zombie around and we were on the first floor and the only 2 ones on the server. Then this happened to me a few minutes after that when I tried to join another server.