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windows don't respond on mouseclicks afterwards
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After closing DayZ and entering back to windows desktop all systemfunctions work normal excluding windows don't respond on mouseclicks.
Seems like this disfunction stays for a view seconds without possibility to do smth about it.
It occurs most often after I've played a "long" time (like 1 hour or more).
Is that just my system or an issue of the game??!??


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I have the same issue, I suspect it because I have dual screen, I have to hit ctrl-alt-del after closing the game before i can do anything.

Still the same issue here! please respond!

andy added a comment.Jan 12 2015, 1:16 PM

Hi SlimShn33Zin and sorry to hear about your trouble.
The next time this happens, would it be possible to check in Task Manager/Processes (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) whether DayZ is still running or not?
The cause here might be the fact that DayZ is still shutting itself off despite not being visible on the screen.
Thank you,

Dear Andy,
thanks for your respond and sorry for the delay!

first: the Task Manager shows me DayZ has been closed, no process's still running.
The problem occurs only on the desktop, the taskbar and the only way solving the prob is the TM via Ctrl+Alt+Del (second mouseclick responds - after that all is fine)
second: my problem is getting more curious...
the effect of no resond on mouseclicks stays for longer (i tried waiting for 5 min) an exception is only the running steam programm. in that i can start DayZ again (as said, no process of DayZ is still running after i quit it) but with some new issues (f.e. beeing kicked to the desktop after clicking the "I understand" button - DayZ's still running)

What i've tried so far:

  1. start the game - playing on a server - quit - testing mouseclicks and waiting for 5 min -> nothin changes
  1. point 1) with starting DayZ new in Steam after like 3 min -> nothin
  1. what you asked me to do
  1. testing the reproducibility -> "sometimes"

System: 64bit Win7ultimate, Steam installed on 2x SSD in RAID0, library on 2X HDD in RAID0, 16Gb RAM, 4x3,6GHz CPU... and so on...

Thanks for the help