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Decreasing FPS to Total Game Freeze
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Located at North West Air Field on the southern most corner (water well) near the road the game starts off with good FPS then after about 5 mins the fps drops to 1 then back to normal and then to 0 and the game freezes. It was raining at the time this was happening, I had this happen 2x in a row. Also this happen to a friend of mine.


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Spawn in at southern corner of NW Air Field
Wait about 5 mins
and game will freeze solid.

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Same issue, no rain!

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same problem with GTX 650 I5 4670.

game is on 60 fps and drops to 10 after 5min. it will crash when not exiting.

forum thread that might knows the issue. buggy textures causing memory leak

Agreed I see a direct correlation between rain and low fps,however it also seems to be something that happens over time like a memory leak.

I'm not having any rain, and I got the same issue, dual 670's running along doing nothing will drop fps completely and ultimately crash/stall the game.

Seems to be rain issue. I was having those problems in the rain. Then I died for no reason at all(seperate issue). When I respawned in sunshine and I didn't have frame drops or game freezes.

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can you make a screenshot of the location ?

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I have also found that when this starts to happen my GPU usage drops to 20% or lower.


please refer to either #0008262 or #0008308.

Thank you.