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Game Keep Freezing even in low quality video setting
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soo yeah game keep freezing for a while. and the other thing is when i'm playing alone the fps is but when my friend joined i got really low frame like 5-10 same thing apply to my friend. even the ping is really low... sometimes the dsync is really high until we cant change our weapon or move around. And i'm adding some 1 more issue bout the big town. i already post about i get crash when entering big town and it is solved but the other problem now is everytime i get near the town my fps drops really low and its really bad when i got into a gunfight... even in low setting... but when i'm not near any i can put my setting really high enough without worrying bout the fps dropping... i hope you can fix the freezing part and the fps dropping thing soon.. we cant play together now for this reason.


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please refer to either #0008262 or #0008308.

Thank you.