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Stuck on "Please wait..." screen when spawning in on Stable Branch 0.34.115106
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Every server I attempt to join puts me on the "Please wait..." black screen indefinitely on the new update. Could be a bug from the hotfix, but makes the game, once again, 100% unplayable, as I was also victim to the "You are dead" bug... Help!


As suggested by MysteryBox, I tried to log into a server and left it waiting while I went downstairs. Came back up to find myself finally spawned in... albeit unarmed and surrounded by zombies. Seems to be just a bug in the spawn timer display, not an actual game-breaking issue.


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Every single time I log in...

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Before the update, I was having the classic stuck-on-dead cycle, and i trouble shooted and found that upgrading to the experimental branch then reverting to the stable reset my character and allowed me back in. However, I logged in this morning (Feb 7) and with the new update, I am unable to interact on any server. I connect successfully and am then stuck on the "Please wait..." screen indefinitely on every server i attempt to join. Can even type in the direct chat to other players, but cannot interact otherwise.

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change you name and press the restart button, perhaps after this everything will work fine

You dont see it, but you have to wait for 300 sec's!

Try to Change your name + Log in a server from another country = for me it worked, i can play the game, I hope I helped you (and sorry for my english)

I think it could be a bug related to the new server-hopping punishment system, since one of my attempts landed me on the "please wait" screen with "Spawning in 300 seconds..." and a count-down.

I think that's because everybody is joining servers at the same time so this is a mass-connection and it's impossible to connect... I try to connect with an empty server and i will tell you if it works

I have this bug too, I hope it will be fixed

Fixed a while ago.