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emptying ammo boxes makes 1 stack of the same ammo loose qty to 0
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happened 3 times

inventory: 1 stack of 4 rounds of 7.62 sks ammo, 1 box of sks ammo
emptying ammo box result: 1 stack of 20 sks ammo and 1 stack of 0 sks ammo

I lost 4 bulets

inventory: 1 stack of 4-9 rounds of 7.62 mosin ammo, 1 box of mosin ammo + a few stacks of 20 round mosin ammo
emptying ammo box result: 1 stack of 20 mosin ammo and 1 stack of 0 mosin ammo + a few 20 round stacks

I lost more bulets dont remember how many were in that stack

  1. you can see on picture I uploaded

fix plsss tnaks {F30113}


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on update 33 stable branch hardcore mod
1 stack of not full ammo in hunter back pack
1 box of same ammo in hunter back pack
click empty box

sks or mosin ammo havent tried others

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I can confirm this is occurring in 34.115106 as well. I've had the issue happen with 5.56 ammo.

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Confirming for 35.115188
Type of backpack doesn't seem to matter.
I was losing 10 rounds of SKS ammo at a time.

Also just tested for 37.115791
Problem solved.

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as I've observed, this is fixed in the new experimental build