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Light beam swallowed by doors, sidewalks, hangar walls ...
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Doors, which can be opened, don't reflect the light anymore if a flashlight when the player gets "too close".

See screenshots. {F30077} {F30078} {F30079} {F30080} {F30081} {F30082} {F30083} {F30084} {F30085} {F30086} {F30087} {F30088}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Join a night time server.
2.) Get a flashlight and point at a closed door, preferable from inside the house.
3.) Walk slowly closer to the door, still pointing the flaslight at it.
4.) Notice the light beam fading and finally disappearing in a "black hole".

Additional Information

I am playing with lowest possible graphics settings, shadows at "very low", clouds disabled.

Obviously independant from hardware (see comment 0046094).

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In version 0.35.115188, this occurs also. I have tested with both Nvidia and AMD hardware. It also occurs on some sidewalks, only have tested in Berezino so far. Posting screenshots.

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It looks like the 'origin' or center of the model becomes unlit(like the door), so the rest will appear dark. The origin of the door must be the bottom left, due to the last pic.

I hope it's just a simple fix, but I doubt it.

Posted screenshot of dresser with same behavior.

Could be related to:

Was on top of a the Berezino hospital, and I turned my flashlight on directed at a street light that was far away. This caused the light from the street light to disappear until I turned the flash light off. It did not matter if I moved the flash light away at that point. Other street lights closer to the hospital did not have this behavior. I'm not sure if it is related, but I see no reason to start another issue on it. The second light below my center of view is from my friend's head torch. Having his head torch on or off had no effect.

Still version 0.35.115188

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made a post about this earlier too 0010750

Still in version 0.44 stable