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[BUG] Apparent Immortality with permenant "Healing," "Stuffed" and "Energized" buffs
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Today, while looting the office building in Krasnostav I glitched through the wall and landed in an un-enterable and therefore un-escapeable room. Annoyed, I ate a rotten kiwi, minimized the game and booted up Minecraft, waiting for my character to die.
At the time I was "Healing," "Stuffed" (appears to be a permanent status now), "Energized," "Hydrated," and "Sick." I came back an hour later to find myself dying of thirst, but my character was still Energized and Healing, and no longer sick.

I went to class (1 hour 40 minutes) and came back. My character was in precisely the same state: "Stuffed," "Healing," "Thirsty (red)," and Energized. An hour of homework and two hours of Minecraft later, again, still alive with those same status effects. Eventually I was able to glitch back through the wall, hydrate myself and resume normal play.
This...seems like a bug.

TL;DR: Energized, Stuffed and Healing appear to be permanent (given that you don't throw up) buffs, and this is not likely working as intended.


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I would assume you would simply acquire Energized, Stuffed, and Healing.

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Also had this... all of them staying up... healing, healthy, energized, hydrated and stuffed. They didn't go away at all.

confirmed. stuffed didn't disapear after running all the map over.

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Me and a Friend can also confirm the bug, we were stuffed,energized and healthy, but thirsty. but the stuffed wouldnt go away even after 5 hours playing/runnnig e.t.c.

Had "stuffed" status for an hour, while during this hour the "hydrated" status disapeared. ("stuffed" status didn't disapear i just disconnected by the way)

I can confirm that I have had "Stuffed" "Energized" "Healing" and "Healthy" For the last 4 hours or so. I have eaten and drunk a little in that time, but my thirst dropped all the way to "Thirsty"...