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Duplication of Rifles/Shotguns
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I am currently capable of duplicating any and all two handed weapons at will. This could theoretically work for anything two handed, but I have not found anything besides weapons that are two handed.

This bug was tested on containers like the Ammo Box, Medical Kit, and Protector Case, however these were not able to be duplicated thanks to them being one handed items.


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Steps To Reproduce

Step one, find a rifle and an axe.

Step two, find a second axe or second rifle.

Take second weapon 'to hands' and ensure there is not enough space in your back to store chosen item. (This is important for the sawed off as it can fit into the backpack).

Log off of the server.

Log back into the server. Your 'extra' weapon will be in your inventory, and there will be a duplicate of it on the ground in front of you. Works -every- time.

Additional Information

This was tested with two players to determine the root cause, and the answer is the combat logging timer. When a player logs out, their character is forced into the 'sitting' animation. This animation does not allow for two handed items to remain in use. Thus the game forces the character to drop the two handed item in front of them to complete the animation. Thus the 'extra' weapon is deposited on the ground in front of the logging out avatar.

The game -also- adds the extra weapon to the character's inventory to allow them to save that 'extra' weapon through the non-playing time. This results in a duplicate of the weapon that was 'in hands'.

This does not work with protector cases, ammo cans, or medical kits (or any other one handed item that is) because they are allowed to be 'in hands' during the sit down animation and are not forced out of the character's hands during the log off.

All duplicated items were destroyed after completion of this testing by a server restart. However the ability to make these duplications remain.

Also, all duplications maintain all attachments, spray paints, magazines and ammo counts. This means duplication of ammunition and attachments is also possible if you don't want the weapon as a whole.

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This is a duplicate report.

Refer to 0008153: Weapons are duplicated when logging out for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

Similar to my issue with reproducing two Mosin when emptying the gun for ammo:


You don't have to duplicate the same item. You can have an M4 slung, then take an SKS to hands, and make a copy of the SKS. You do not need x2 of the same item, you only have to make sure the inventory slot it normally would go to is filled already. I.E. Rifle slung slot.

@sheLLHD: I did do a search, and all I got back was people duplicating their own character on high ping servers and other lag related issues. This one is a 100% success rate on any server regardless of ping due to a coding issue introduced in the new patch via the 30 sec log out timer.

The Dev Team rightfully added a code so that weapons carried in hands were saved to a character so that people with two rifles didn't lose them if they logged off. This was never an issue before because when you logged out you simply vanished and the code to add the item to the player's inventory fired.

Now, the code fires to add the item to the player's inventory, and then the 30 sec idle code goes into action. This sits the player down for 30 seconds before vanishing. From there the normal "when playing this animation drop in hands weapon" criteria is met and so a duplicate item is created. It's a small oversight from the addition of the log out delay feature, and one that is quickly and easily fixed by not forcing the idle character to change stance or use any of the emotes.

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You're implying there's guns in the game in such quantities that I anyone can find two.
Excluding the M4 which is as common as dirt.

duplicate, been posted several times allready, use the search before writing a essay