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Item slots in inventory unusable.
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Some slots in inventory containers such as backpacks, pants, shirts etc. become unusable. This can be corrected by placing the item on the ground and re-equipping it.

Note: When switching servers, the unusable slot will sometimes have a can of soda with 0% use left. {F30067} {F30068}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a container to your character, such as a backpack.
  1. Place items into the container (inventory).
  1. Continue equipping items and some slots will become unusable. Items cannot be dragged to the unusable space.
Additional Information

I have noticed that cans of soda appear in these unusable slots with 0% left upon switching servers and may be the source of the bugged behavior.

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Confirmed, this happens after drinking/eating a can directly from the ground without moving it into your inventory first. An invisible can will occupy a previously free slot after consumption.

I think I've noticed this only when my inventory is nearly full. When there is plenty of space available, a can consumed directly from ground is visibly moved to a free slot first, then it's going to 0% and you can throw it away. I'm not sure though, since I'm almost always out of storage space. Will test this again with a fresh character and empty backpack.

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I can too fix this by dropping the container, where the bugged slot is in and then picking it up again. After that it works normally.

E: Or putting the item inside the container, while the container is in the ground vicinity and not on you.

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This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to 0008300: Inventory retains invisible 0% food items making slot unusable. For further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

I've had the same problem though dropping and requipping the item didn't resolve the issue for me. Also relogging didn't fix it for me either. I'll try both again next time though just to be sure.

In my experience, the bugged inventory slot is always only 1 square. When attempting to drag any item into that slot, either from your vicinity or from elsewhere in your inventory, nothing will happen. This occurs for both one-square or multi-square items that may touch the bugged inventory slot in any way.

Much appreciated. I did not realize this was the cause.

It's explained in wrong way.
This "inventory unusable slots" event happens when you use something (drink/eat) without dragging it into your inventory.

To simulate this you should:

  1. Find any suitable food/drink (i.e. cola)
  2. open your inventory right at this food/drink by "Tab" button
  3. eat/drink it without dragging it into your inventory by clicking mouse2 button and choosing "eat/drink"

After that you will successfully eat/drink it, but invisible and empty (0%) jar or banana will take any free slot in your inventory. After relogging or switching server this invisible item will become visible.

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confirmed, just happened tonight,
tried to rearranged something in my backpack, but item didn't move.. didn't think too much about it.
later on, I tried to add an item to my bag but instead it asked me to take it in my hands