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Pressing R wielding a gun that doesn't have a mag should play an animation reloading the exact ammount.
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I mean that if I shoot one shell from a shotgun and then I press R, considering that I still have some shells left, the character plays an animation where he only reloads one shell in the shotgun. Adds a lot of immersion and just looks good.

Same thing with the mosing, the animation only shows that I (the character)put in only the missing bullets. I think that second or first CoD had this. I looks stupid that I reload five bullets even though I only shot one....


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R is a general reloading animation this is context based on the weapon wielded. A weapon that has a magazine and has a spare one with some ammo in it changes the magazines. If the gun has no magazine but the character shot with it once, it will reload that bullet.

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This is what will make a big difference between the Arma mod and the Standalone. I hated how there was one general animation for every gun which just looked awful. (especially pistols!)

Here are some examples:

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