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Character keeps runing when switching weapons
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Runing with weapon cause you keep runing if you try to switch your weapon or put it back to backpack, even if you are release the "w" button. Wich causes fell off from somewhere. Easily reproduce.


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Grab your gun or anykind weapon
Start running
Try to switch your gun or weapon / or put it back to backpack, while running.
When switching weapon animation started release W button or try to stop your character.
It wont.

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-This can be used as speedhack. Try to change item before stairs - you will RUN upstairs/down.
-This can be used as wallhack. Just try to change item near some wall.
-There are no sounds of footsteps, when you change item. Players can run without sounds.
-My friend told me, that if you fall from roof in this animation, you will not damaged.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english. I hope, my report will be clear.
VER: stable 114557

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This is a very annoying bug. It also sometimes happens when you switch weapons while not moving. I think it depends on whether you're in fast or slow mode. You can be standing still, switch from rifle to axe, and suddenly your character runs forward about 2 meters while changing weapons. Can get you killed easily.

Maybe related to

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Needs to get fixed as soon as possible!

All the wallhacker and cheater will kill this game otherwise.

Me, since I know there are wallhacker etc, I stopped playing this game.

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We are aware of this issue, please refer to: #8776 for further information and development.

Thank you for your feedback.