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Hair trigger on vomitting
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Going just one sip of water or mouthful of food over the white 'i feel full/stuffed' message causes the character to immediately vomit.

the value between full stomach and time to vomit needs raising


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1)approach well
2)drink until white 'i feel full/stuffed' message displays,
3)take one or two more drinks from the well

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As of version 0.34.115106, I followed your instruction and I didn't throw up.

I didn't even get some message like "I am close to throwing up.", so I could imagine this has been fixed.

Making us unable to "spam-drink" at wells would solve the problem. Then we would learn that we shouldn't continue spamming after the char becomes stuffed.

And imagine if you drink fuckloads of water, then it's a quite thin line between feelign stuffed and throwing up as well. Not sure that I agree with you that this is an issue.

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My dude vomits when he get stuffed.