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Survival game? Can't even survive changing servers
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You people are fucking worthless plugs.

People spend hours working on gearing their character, log out of a server, log in, and your character is just fucking deleted. Forget surviving the zombies and other people with guns, its now a game of "when I log back in, will my character have been arbitrarily deleted".

You people are absolutely pathetic and I hope you all die in your sleep, thanks for a game that is worse than something coded by monkeys. Grow up, all of you.

Oh, and if you don't get killed by the servers, you get killed by the 75% of players who can fucking see through walls and shoot through walls. How the entire development team hasn't committed suicide solely from embarrassment is beyond me.

Edit 1: Just died immediately upon spawning into a server by hackers (aimbotted through wall)


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Hi Yelnik,

You appear to be reporting three separate issues here;

  • Your character data not being persistent
  • Players able to see through walls
  • Weapons able to shoot through walls

So I shall tackle these in order.

Your character data is not persistent between hardcore and regular servers, it could also be caused by the new server having connection issues with the central hive. So it is overwriting your old character data and spawning you a new player.

Players were able to aim and shoot through walls, as there was a security issue where players were able to delete .PBOs and remove buildings and foliage in game. This was fixed in version 0.32.114557 released on the 22nd Jan.

If you are still experiencing these issues please can you provide reproduction steps, server details of the servers you are experiencing these issues with and ideally video footage plus screenshots of players able to shoot through walls.

Thank you for your feedback.

i thought that was the point of EARLY ACCESS.....stuffs gonna go wrong.....if you don't like it, why do you buy EARLY ACCESS?

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dude its time for you to switch game ...

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Make sure to search before opening new issues. This is a well known issue. The main report is here: #78

Don't get so attached to your stuff. You're going to lose it at some point, whether to bugs, character wipes or death.

And if you can't handle problems like this, don't play alphas.