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Random deaths at NEAF
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Case 1: So I logged into an nearly empty server a little bit outside of the radio tower at NEAF inside some bushes and as soon as I logged in I was dead.

Case 2: My friend was on a server by him self and was looting the prison cell building next to the tower, all of a sudden he was dead. Right after dying he checked "p" and he was still alone on the server.

After posting about this on the general forums, other players reported this issue too. I know NEAF can be a dead zone and all but at least in my case and my friends it is highly unlikely that we got killed by another player.


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Reproduction can be difficult since the issue seems to be highly random.

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All the cases I know about happened close or directly inside the prison cell building next to the radio tower at NEAF.

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This random death happened to me rearranging items at the NE Airfield. Second floor in a bunk bed room in the west building of the field.