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Internet/Game Crashing
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While playing DayZ the game usually desyncs to the point where items are not useable and you cant interact with any objects in the world.

It often proceeds to freeze/crash itself and if you are unlucky enough it will also freeze/crash all programs requiring a internet connection such as steam, chrome and teamspeak.

We are 2 people playing the game on the same connection and both gets the same issue with everything freezing(Does not have to be on the same time).

The game/internet freezes only for the person playing dayz and does not affect the other one, Game is allowed through the firewall aswell.
(Antivirus is Panda Global Protection 2013)

We are currently using the router D-Link DIR-655. While using DayZ the internet sessions in the router get flooded. We usually dont have more then 20-100 and when dayz is on it gets up to a few thousands.

Have had this issue since game got released so the version of the game seems to not have affected it.



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4 months later and this is still a issue keeping me from playing the game, Anyone got any idea how to fix this or should I just put DayZ on the shelf?

Have tried to disable both SPI and QOS on my DLINK DIR-655 with no success

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Thanks for the update. If you are still experiencing the issue, could you please upload a new crash report? This one is from January and it would help us if we had a recent one.


There we go, Cleaned it up and let the game crash :) Uploaded new files

Kira added a comment.May 19 2014, 2:33 PM

.mdmp and .bidmp were not in that folder? They are required for us to check the issue.

Very odd that it didnt produce it that time, I got the game to crash again and made sure I got the correct files this time.

The game froze on loading into a server and I let it stay there and it eventually gave me a error saying it couldnt find a steam running (It crashed like usually, dont know if it crashes because steam is breaking somehow). But concidering this is the only game that ever gets my steam crashed I wouldnt believe that my steam is malfunctioning

Kira added a comment.May 19 2014, 3:02 PM

Great, thanks for the files!

We will look into this as soon as possible. Please keep watching this issue for further updates on development.

Have a nice day!


there were some efforts to fix the problem in the latest Experimental patch. Please try connecting to an Experimental server to see if you still experience this problem.

In case you do, please do the following:

  1. Exit the game
  2. Go to your AppData folder
  3. Delete your .mdmp, .bidmp and .rpt files
  4. Run the game and try to get the game crash again
  5. Go to your AppData folder
  6. Once again pack all the files into a .zip/.rar archive and upload it here

If you submit new crash dumps, we will have a second look at the problem.

Thank you!

Game is still acting the same crashing on loading into a server, Cant even make it produce the .mdmp and .bidmp files sadly.

I have tried to play the game through a VPN and the game have not crashed a single time doing this.

So there seem to be a routing issue somewhere that gets fixed playing through a VPN instead of getting the trafic sent to me directly from the server.

Hello and sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately we cannot help if you are not getting any crashdumps. This would indicate that the game is not actually crashing but there might be a problem with your internet connection.

I would suggest checking your firewall settings and/or contacting your ISP for troubleshooting.