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Zombie Glitches
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Well 2/2 times today.... I had one zombie go through a wall......... then ends up behind me.... hits me..... then I bleed-out 30mins later..... No meds kits found... I am sick of this incomplete(complete) bs... Complete meaning you tested a mod for more than 4 years and you come up with this? You built a Mansion... Tore it down then built a house then hope for better results.. $30 Million.... I would call this a scam! GO AHEAD AND CRITICISE ME! Don't get me wrong I liked Dayz mod and the other versions... but this is pathetic... 0.32.114557


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you know you can take your shirt off, tear it into rags and use them as bandages?

as for the bugs, its not like you weren't told.... " Please be aware that our Early Access offer is a representation of our core pillars, and the framework we have created around them. It’s a work in progress and therefore contains a variety of bugs. We strongly advise you not to buy and play the game at this stage unless you clearly understand what Early Access means and are interested in participating in the ongoing development cycle. Please keep in mind that we do not expect to reach Beta status sooner than the end of 2014." - Taken From The Front Page Tumblr Feed on

That is what alpha means man lol. You see that big box with all caps on the screen to purchase the game? If you had read that you would have seen it say that you should not buy the game unless you want to be a part of a game in active development and it also says to be aware that you are going to have to put up with crashes, bugs, and extreme errors. Read into something before you buy it next time... don't just buy it because of the name...

AGAIN! I am DONE money down the drain

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Sorry for your bad experience, but the game is an early access release in alpha - bugs like this should be expected.

Zombies clipping through objects is a known issue.

Please refer to the primary report at #77