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Is the loot spawning correctly since the last patch?
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I am talking about all loot. Not just military. I tested this. I went on ten servers and went to the same 3 towns and there were NO loot anywhere. I went on 4 or 5 that just restarted too. (time was like 1 something)

Did the loot get a hell of a lot more hard to get (even can foods, pants, shirts, axes) or is something messing up? There wasn't even any pens or small useless junk!

I know they want players to be uneasy and scavenge for supplies but 3 towns, multiple buildings, multiple servers is kind of "meh."

Also does loot spawn? or only on server restart? Does the time show how long the server has been up (in the server browser?) I went to a server that was 0.32 seconds after getting restarted with no one on the server and there was no loot.


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From what I have gathered from my own survey, most of the loot has migrated to the new town. There is the workings of a new town that is being built west north west of svetloyarsk which contains zero loot at all.

talk about balancing the spawn rate of things by nuking all loot. :D Cheers.

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