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I dont want to reload, i just want to open door, drink from well, etc..
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Reloading option is always pushing itself as first option to select, even if i have a full mag... If you have more types of mags its very annoying to scroll trough all of them just to open doors.


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Im not sure if this occurs with every gun, but my m4 wants to be reloaded like some horny womandog, she is full, but nooo she wants it! again and again

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I think reloading should be assigned just exactly to R key and not be mixed with F key

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Jep, this is a really annoying issue..

It happens with a M4, pistol and shotgun.. probably everything that uses mag's or speedloaders.

I dont like it!

Very annoying issue.
But it don't do it with the M4 if you have the coupled 60 clips only, then only the Reload button works (R) and only after you fired a round or two, this how it should work for all mags.

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Thumbs up! Easy interface is recomended. Reload shouldn't be at the action hotkey.

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Yep please remove reloading options from scrolling menu, we already have the "R" key for reloading.

That reload behavior with middle mouse button is really ruining gameplay with these weapons :/

It just should be associated with the R-Reload action, no more !

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For me and my friends is this also a pain in the ***. I was so happy that this was gone on Version 0.45. On 0.46 it's back even for the Mosin. Several times I just unload the 5 rounds and put 1 bullet in the Mosin just by open the door. Fortunately I find this out while killing Zombies that my weapon was nearly unloaded.

R is the best way to reload weapons because it's common in a lot of games. And if it is necessary to select a special clip, just activate the menu with R and select the clip with the mouse wheel. But it would prevent to reveal your position on drinking or opening doors.

@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket as obsolete?

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