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Stuck in wall
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I'm currently stuck inside a wall inside the building that has a jail cell. (Northern most runway, southeastern jail cell building)

I was running around the corner to turn right, then my character seemed to get sucked into the "room" you can't get into on the bottom floor. I've tried crawling, vaulting, kneeling, running and nothing gets me unstuck


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This is a duplicate report.

Refer to 0008063: Jail wall glitches for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

To get out of the wall, try springing and vaulting against a wall, ideally with a melee weapon in hand.

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If you're downstairs, look at the wall that goes into the downstairs back room. Run into the corner of that wall to the right, then just keep vaulting. Should get through eventually.

I'm stuck there as well, I'll try this above trick

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Stand right up against a wall facing it. Vault, and while doing the animation, log out. Log back in and you should be on the other side of the wall.