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Emptying an ammo box doesnt put the bullets in your inventory
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Happened to me yesterday . I didnt took the cartridges box with me first , i just emptied it from where is was standing. So that might help to reproduce the bug.

28/3 - Today i emptied 2 ammo boxes of .45 from the vicinity and the bullets dissapeared .Bug stil there


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Press tab to open the inventory vicinity then empty an ammo box from where it is without putting it in your inventory.

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This happened to me as well, however I believe the bullets ended up underneath a bed, and I was unable to get close enough to them to pick them up/show them in the vicinity window.

Update - Bug is still there ,happening with all the types of ammo boxes.

I actually don't think this is a bug, but it is a bad default action in the UI.

Being able to discard things is useful, because you can make sure nobody else can use it. If you discard all the 7.62x51 you find then u make it much harder for people with a Mosin or Blaze to find ammo, which might save your life.

However, the default actions in the UI is horrible. Let's say you are in a hurry and just press middle mouse button quickly to pick something up and instead you end up discarding ammo you needed, or stopping to drink a soda by accident when you are being chased by zombies. Or the worst of all, "oh a disinfectant spray, lets pick it up" <click> oops "Drink disinfectant"... (yes, i once did that mistake).

Dangerous actions (eat/drink/empty etc) should never be the default. Instead the order could be changed to "Pick up, Inspect, Take into hands, Use/Eat/Drink/Empty/etc". That way, "inspect" would be the worst case - and you can just hit Esc to get out of it immediately so it's not deadly even if you have a zombie jumping at you. Take into hands is more dangerous since it interferes with weapon handling and other stuff.

Ideally the ordering would be user configurable, so if you think that "pick up" is bad (because it makes it easier to pick up stuff by mistake and wreck your carefully thought out inventory management) then you could put "inspect" first.

And if you prefer to just drink sodas (or desinfectant) right away, then you could put "Use" first in the list....

Hey folks,

this has been fixed internally and will be patched with the next update.

Thank you for your feedback!