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Cant directly eat/use item in vicinity when inventory is full
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Would seem normal to be able to click for example "eat" on an orange in your vicinity to directly eat it without having to move it to your inventory first.
Then you would take it into hands directly and drop the remains on the floor afterwards.


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I noticed this put in hand option on a couple of foods since. This enables you to eat it direcly when you have your aim on it. This doesnt always work for all foods though and the otion doesnt work in the right click menu from vicinity.

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I support this!

While you can do exactly what brick1582 explained, I still think a right click on the item should have an option EAT, that behaves like right clicking some food in the inventory choosing the same option. Means that the weapon or whatever you have in your hands is stashed away through the process of eating, then it's put back in your hands.

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confirmed true, you can't drag it into the hands box from the vicinity box. only right clicking the item and selecting "put blablabla in hands" option works.

I was able to successfully eat a banana without putting it into my inventory.
I had to directly place it in my hands first from the vicinity area. I was unable to drag and drop it into my hands, but I could select the Take into Hands option. My inventory was also full at the time. I will test it again with other food.

As of build 0.35.115188, this works for me at least.

Could you please try this in the latest build? If this is not the case anymore, please close this issue as fixed.

Thank you.


I have just tested this and it is possible to eat from vicinity with a full inventory.