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Character Reset on Every Login (Ver: 114557) (23 Jan)
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Every re-log resets my character. Full wipe, no rollback.

I have reproduced this several times on a few servers and had 5+ friends confirm the same thing is happening to them regardless of which server mode or type they try.


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Spawn, run around for 15 minutes so your character has a chance of saving, reconnect to the same server and you will be a fresh spawn.

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Tested on version: 114557
Tested on server types: Current GMT (Hardcore), Current GMT (Regular), 24/7 Day (Regular), 24/7 Day (Hardcore)

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No. The materials not being able to load is an unrelated issue that I read about somewhere(cant remember where).

Rocket explained it here:

Could this server hive problem also be caused by the message that the game was unable to load the materials file??

Anyway hope this bug is fixed soon, got loads of hours put in to gear up, doing that every time over and over is frustrating....

had this error-message:
cannot load file dz.\characters\headgear\data\militaryberet.cdf.rv.mat
and there was another with "weapon" in it yesterday.

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Same thing here and it's really frustrating. I know it's an Alpha and i can't demand a lot of things, but THIS has to be fixed right now because it even makes "testing" impossible!

seems some gameservers hosted servers working fine..i saw all of DayZ SJ 1-(all servers)

Hey guys, Yesterday on the 23 Jan 2014 @dayzdevteam tweeted this:

"Tomorrow at 10am GMT the Hive Database will be undergoing maintenance for roughly two hours. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Just be patient, they are aware of this issue and are busy working on it.

Also rocket has responded to this thread:
"New Character every time I log?"(see response, follow link below)
Clearing up most of the confusion.

Please refer to these to links provided for further updates.


I have same issue. Have tried local (Japan), Hong Kong, SG and Ausie servers. The results are random. Right now I tried to join and I'm on the beach again despite being on that server most of today. Someone please advise on what is going on!!!

same for me, new spawn location, no loot no guns, everything wiped clean everytime I start.

I have encountered the same bug with my current character on all servers I used previous to the newest update. I found one server that saved my profile to the Hive post update and it was from

fig0451 added a subscriber: fig0451.May 8 2016, 4:36 PM

I've found one hardcore server, has "Keegs" or "Keeg's" in the name, it appears to be fixed there at least.

Same issue, two times in a row. Got ping-kicked and character wiped (Since update) I dont even have a DayZ-Profle-File of my new name. Neither in DayZ nor in "Other profiles".

Could it be, that it has something to do with the new Savepath "myDocuments/Dayz"?
I just copied the old Files from myDocuments/Dayz Other Profiles into the new path and renamed the old Files with my new ingame Username.
Char restored, but im not sure if it works on all Servers.

Been playing only on servers that were fine carrying character over servers earlier today - Since an hour though I keep getting reset on them too, used paper notes on desk to remember them. So even servers with the right setup still have the ability to reset characters..

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I played on a MPGS server with in the last hour, logged off to eat, came back and was a fresh spawn.

I have the game version 032.114557 and the same Problem.

Thank you Player2 for the good input on this. Now I at least know I am not crazy or screwed.

I can also confirm that MPGS servers are saving character data correctly.

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Cmon guys, just because I'm Player2 doesn't mean I can't be in 1st place =P

More info from GameServers regarding their side of the issue:

We are working with the DayZ development group on the issue you are experiencing. Currently, it looks like it is something that will need to be fixed on the DayZ authentication servers.

This is not affecting all servers, but a subset of our servers, so many are indeed working.

Once we have confirmed the fix has been implemented, we will reply here and update you.


Well u should be player 1 now instead of player 2. Man thanks for telling us all this

Currently as far as I know the only server host with the correct set-up rolled out is MPGS. I have not tested Vilayer/Fragnet/etc servers. Can confirm that servers aren't working though.

Contacted gameservers support about it and received this:

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are aware of the issue currently affecting your server. This ticket has now been assigned to a notification queue where you will be updated on the issue when there is new information or progress.

If you have any other issues not related to this please feel free to open another ticket and we shall address them. Sorry for any delay.

So no ETA yet.

PS: Thanks 'shroom!

@Player2 You sir... Are a Hero and shall henceforth be known as Player1

]rocket2gunsRocket 32 points 1 hour ago
The server hosters set the hive for the servers to use. The new update was quite complex, and introduced a number of new settings that server hosting providers needed to configure.
There has been significant confusion with some of them, as the instructions we have sent have not always filtered down to the engineers and techs rolling up the updated servers.
Hence, many of the servers have been configured to use the WRONG hive. I believe this is in progress. If you notice a server doing this, post here the name/ip of the server and we can look into it.
There is no known issue with the core architecture, the only issues we have identified so far are issues with problematic configuration.

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happened too me too. quite annoying. i had some decent stuff considering how much i am a noob with this game just learning how to play the game. had a mosin and a decent backpack. But nope not today got wiped out completely.

Same here....lost my first character and now every time I login in I start with a new one... ://

Yea same thing here, I played for 3 hours in one session this morning. Logged out and back in to find a brand new shiny me... Without the phat lewt i found... Really crappy time to try server hopping(happy about that) :D

extro36 added a subscriber: extro36.May 8 2016, 4:36 PM

Same issue here. Just played for about 2 hours and then I logged out. Logged back in like 10 minutes later and character was gone. Attempted to log into the same server but every server I jumped into I spawned as a new character in a new location.

Terry added a subscriber: Terry.May 8 2016, 4:36 PM

I have the same situation happening also. Sucks :/

Same here. Start game -> New Char -> Play some minutes -> Quit -> Join again -> Character has been reset again. Playing not possible.

The game might as well be unplayable. Character data gets deleted each time you log off.

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it seems some servers are detached from the main hive,and they have their own save files for each server

I have been having this issue as well since the latest stable patch. I have removed all Dayz files and re installed and the issue persist.

No error messages from anyone JellyDonuts. Except once where the Beret popup message showed, but that issue is unrelated.

Happened everytime for me after last update

Experiencing this as well, regardless of what server I'm on it doesn't save my progress.

Also tried switching from experimental version to standard, didn't make any difference.

did any of you get any error messages upon starting the game?

Loobiz this thread has more complete information and is the result of testing on more than hardcore server types...

Loobiz added a subscriber: Loobiz.May 8 2016, 4:36 PM
Tweeted the devs about it, I want the fix asap so I can play, ehem, I mean 'test' some more.

I can confirm this is also happening for me. So far I've only been playing on hardcore, but every single time I join a server I begin as a fresh spawn in a new location on the coast.

WTFH4XX added a subscriber: WTFH4XX.May 8 2016, 4:36 PM

same thing for me

I did manage to grab this police vest before a character reset once!
Gone forever now though, I'd been looking for one of these for over 200 hours!

On topic, I just had another friend have their character reset on a re-log after a server restarted, they were actively trying not to re-log to get up to the new guba.

Happens every time now after the update. Tried on 6 different servers on 3 different computers.