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In Night my Grafics at buildings buggs, they blink like its disco
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When im playing in Daytime servers i have no problems, but when im logging into a night server and im watching into a House,Wall everythings its bugging like hell. They stuffs change colours and blinking all the time. I have changed all my settings in video, Postproccesor Quality from Very High to Disable, when i have disable its not that much , but still annoying and when i have Very High its like a big white square in the middle of the screen. {F29839}


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And thanks to dumb Bambi's that try to kill you on sight wether or not they have a weapon, I am now killing every stupid Bambi (new spawn) Iv tryed being friendly and I always get stabbed in the back, so thanks to you bandits, Bambi's, and assholes I am hostile. Thank you.

I guess I kinda found a way to fix it, well I guess it's not really fixing it's just a way to get around it, so when it happens to have to look at the ground and get far away from the flashing lights then you have to change the server to a 24/7 daytime server join in and it shouldn't do it anymore but from time to time you will have to do it again it's a pain but so far it went from doing it every time to only doing it on night time and regular servers

just a point with your screenshots...steams default screenshot hotkey is F12, alternativly you can always alt+prntscrn to capture the "Active Window" just saves the time wasted colouring in your facebook bits...

asfor the crazy disco rave....i think your dude may need to visit rehab and get off LSD....

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so boring.. :(

Mine looks worse then that tho I have a video of it

Nope iv tryed everything from reinstalling to updating my drivers

so u guys have no idea how to fix it?

I just started having this problem but its every time I join a server day time or night time it happens and about after 30 seconds of playing my game will freeze

iv been having same issue from the time I started playing DayZ in December!