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Invisible Zombie Attacks
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The first time that I spawn into patch 114557 I heard Zombie noises on the beach around me, as it was night I just moved on hoping that I could lose the zombie by gaining distance. But as I ran I continued to hear the zombie. As I carried on looting I still could hear the zombie and suddenly I was attacked out of nowhere. The sounds of the zombie was still present as where the hitting sounds. With idea where the zombie was I could only die.

When I respawned I heard the zombie sounds again, this time I took a quick look around me and again saw no zombie. I spun myself around punching and did not hit the zombie, yet I was being hit by it. I have no clue how to reproduce this glitch.


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This happened to me, I was in the hospital at elektro, got hit once, i climbed up the ladder, went down the other side, ran away. Zombie is no longer in sight but is still able to hit me.
A video of me being attacked by an invisible zombie. Quite boring really.

Edit: This now seems to happen every time I spawn. I've tried running through buildings and trees and such and my zombie friend seems to be with me wherever I go.

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Had the same thing at 102 055.

I actually experienced this just now. The invisible zombie could be seen by another player (fresh spawn), while it could NOT be seen by my friend and me.

It was attacking the other player and it also attacked me. I could see the blood hit effects on my player, and it made my character bleed as normal.

We dropped an axe for the player and he killed it. The zombie corpse also could not be seen.

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Are these fresh spawns only?

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Yes, my pet keeps getting me when I stop for water, otherwise I can take her all over the map on sight seeing tours

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yes, same issue here

My friends and I are having the same issue

I confirm this, i came here exactly to report this bug

Related to #0000150 and #0000365

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Refer to 0000150: Invisible zombies for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

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