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I think it would add greatly to the feeling of the game if you came across another player's dead body and it had buzzards eating away at it. Would love to see this implemented. Maybe also allow hunting buzzards (once hunting is implemented) and if you eat a buzzard that had already been feasting on a corpse it will infect you or make you sick. Another idea would be to have the dead bodies turn into zombies after they sit for so long.


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Thank you Danners68. I appreciate the guidance. I did search for a specific suggestion section and didn't find one. I guess I didn't search hard enough.

its actually a feedback form for all feedback/issues,

doesn't say anywhere this is just for bugs,

That being said, there is a Suggestion section on the forums where these would be *better* placed:

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this is a bug tracker. its not meant for suggestions

This is not a bug. For suggestions and ideas, please post in the forums:

Thank you.