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Compass animation looks bad
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The animation for the compass looks really bad. The player's wrists are bent at an impossible angle and you don't look directly at the compass. I can bear having to "Pull Up" the compass, but then not even seeing it correctly? I mean, that is just no fun.

The ARMA compass is GREAT! I say go back to the ARMA compass! So do my friends!

The new compass even has a nifty little aimer on it. The way to use the little hole in the lid of the compass is to look through it at a landmark and then take a bearing. I cannot even use the aimer on the compass. When I hold it up and "Sight In" (as I would with a rifle in my hand), my view zooms in to a spot somewhere above the compass. This ensures that the compass is of very little use and is no fun to use anyway.

It does not look good and it is not functional.


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same with "Readied" axes your left wrist looks like your left wrist is in agony and possibly even broken, only noticed it with axes though, cant comment for other melee weapons, i'd expect them to be the same though