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Sun is in the south of the sky
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The sun's position varies with the time of the year but uh.. I think this might be a bit much? {F29808}


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  1. Look at sky

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Looks like I was wrong.

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Chernarus is based on some post-soviet country which is in northern hemisphere. It means sun can't be in the north of the sky. Sun is in the south approximately at noon. It is really simple geography.
This image may become useful to understand that

delset added a subscriber: delset.May 8 2016, 4:33 PM

I don't understand the confusion here. Where I live, the sun will be south in the shy around noon. I used the this knowledge plus a wrist watch in the DayZ mod to get a rough bearing.

I'm not a retard, if this game takes place on the planet Earth then the sun is definitely out of place :)

Dude, never go full retard.