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Movement through doors and opening them is not going fluently
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Whenever I try to open doors the icon for opening does not appear every time I put my center to the door. So at some point I lose some seconds when trying to escape some zombies by running through a house....

Also crawling through doors is not going very fluently, I get stuck many times.

Doors can be opened from first floor and through walls when not seeing them but pointing towards them within a certain distance.

After expierencing this I also noticed zombies running through walls and being 1/2 above floor and 1/2 inside the floor.


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For me it happende after running inside some houses after when some zombies were running to my footsteps...

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Happens to me too. Its pretty annoying.

And zombies seem to walk right through low fences, instead around, I also really have no clue whether I'm visible to them or not, even out of sight lying on the floor they still find me....

Falling from heights more than like 5 stairs inflicts damage, not realistic...

0.48: I wish the opening of doors gets more stable and fluid/faster too, most of the time it's ok but sometimes it takes me valuable seconds to find the right place to stand to get the marker on my screen.

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I think the way to fix it is to have doors attach to middle mouse wheel. If you roll the mouse wheel when you are close to the door, you should be able to select the action "open the door", whether or not there is a triangle visible. In other words, show all actions in the vicinity.