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Hacking is pretty rampant
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I know this was a pretty big issue with DayZ mod, but even in Alpha hackers have been pretty rampant in the SA. Seeing through walls, shooting through walls, teleportation etc....

If some pretty dramatic steps are not taken in order to curb the cheating this game won't survive long...


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Find a popular streamer on twitch and join in on their server.

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Hackers are more rampant now than when I originally posted this! Just watch Frankie's latest video and you will see shining examples of cheaters.

You seriously need to start cracking down on cheaters or this game will crash and burn before it even gets off the run way.

I agree, a hacker took me and 2 friends down with ease. We were geared to the teeth. He shot my friend and I fired 3 mosin rounds into his avatar. 2 in the head and 1 in the chest before he turned and killed me with his M4. My last friend found him looting my body and emtied 2 SKS clips into his avatar but he killed my friend as well. This is turning into just another WARZ.

w0w! I haven't come across this just yet. I'm glad for it because it would make me angry. Looks like he moved the .pbo files for the buildings? And has some sort of speed hack? Crappy. Fix it DayZ!

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Please refer to the main hacker / cheater thread at #8589