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Brazilian servers/players
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I've been watching a lot of videos from the early acess and thats
what made me buy the game and give it a try. Im a brazilian survivor and
I did not know that I'd be stuck with brazilian servers.
We all know brazilian players treat games like this on a "shoot in sight"
policy, it doesnt matter if you're a fresh spawn or not, if they have the chance
they'll bring you down.
Im saying "them" because Im not that kind of player, I want to explore the game at its maximum, not just go around houses looking for one single gun and be steady for the next 2 hours looking for a player to kill.

My point being, since this is a SURVIVOR game on an apocalyptic base, why not have mixed nationalities playing together? Its a huge oportunity for players like that to learn and be less agressful.


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Thats the thing, I also think its difficult to find out if you're friendly or not
speaking a different language, but as soon as someone surrenders you know he/she wont cause you any harm, or at least is giving you the chance to cuff him up.

This is why the game has sign language, you can communicate without having to use VOIP chat.

Don't worry the KoS thing happens in every server, so don't hope on having more chances to survive in other country's servers. Still mixed nationalities would seem fun, the difficult thing is identifying if you are either friendly or not or trying to cooperate when they don't speak the same language.

I'm curious because I'm from latinamerica and I can only access usa servers