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Hackers ESP, Wallhack etc.
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Look this video I make it private at comments and try to fix this... I dont want to see this kind of shit in our precious game!!!


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Of course theres going to be hackers and cheaters in dayz standalone but it wont be as many as it had in the mod i doubt that but every game has it you can't prevent it from happing but you can ban the people who are doing it.

Im confused. Could somebody post the video link?

Actually SHOWING how to do this is critical to fixing it. ALPHA LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Your precious army men are irrelevant, period. Finding stuff like this, if it is real, is critical. Please post the link so devs see it.

I did it guys I dont think what you think sorry for that :(

No really I dont advertise how can I private it pls tell me quick...

it wasn't a glitch moron, when you move far faster than normal sprint speed and punch, dealing damage and not just an animation, it's a hack

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You been attacked by somebody using a glitch where you can run and punch.

and this thread is just cheat advertising.

hmmmmmmmmmm, weren't you dismissing my claims of being a victim of speed hack in my report sheLLHD?????


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Doesnt even look like its DayZ SA either.. Looks like the mod

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i just hope it stayed with old version like crosshair since someone killed me and my friend yday when we where crawling in pitch black like it would be no problem to see us

remove the link plx. or make this shit private. you are advertising cheats with this link...