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Teleport Hacker
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By the looks of it the good old hacking from the mod is back.

i met like 5 teleport hacker in the last 2 days. and seen quite a few more on twitch in random streams.

my last encounter with his steam user data in the description...


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Everytime i move to quick in the same direction, i get teleported back to my position. but watching a hacker teleporting from Berenzino to solnichniy while fucking up fresh spawns.

kinda sad. hope the Battleeye guys get out a update soon, because atm it seems all it does is PBO scanning...

Its great that they cant spawn item in anymore, so they cant join and rape the entire server within seconds. but now they just tp to one of the several high value mil. bases and gear up within minutes... or teleport behind fully geared guys and knock them out with the first hit...

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I'm pretty sure they will fix the hacking as soon as they can guessing adding punkbuster and vac would be good and even some more.

This isn't a hack. It's crappy code in the game.

You could actually run full pelt and cover more than 1000 meters in 120secs.

It's been exposed that code in the game checks for this on a loop.

What like buildings and zombies being server side? I can confirm zombies are as if you delete there pbo's they still attack you, But buildings if you delete there pbo's you can walk through the buildings (If they were server side there would be an invisible wall there)

So far DayZ has turned out to be a copy paste of the arma and dayz files consolidated in to a single folder with a new launcher. (Just like breaking point)

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Wow. haven't seen this yet. but thats kinda weird, if i remember correctly loot should only spawn sever side, wasnt that one of the "HUGE" changes as a anti hacking method?

I was teleported from elektro to the NWAF last night (Thank god for the lack of combat logging timers) I hit that esc button so damn quick and got the hell outta there. Managed to survive and run back to the coast with my friends.

Just so you know they can spawn items still they just spawn them inside a box. Found a player looking at loot for ages walked up to him and ninja grabbed the box turns out it had a couple of mosins and about 4 M4's inside full with ammo in ammo boxes all inside a small yellow case

seen it a few times now.

since there is no global chat anymore this guys can do shit like this till they teleport to a admin.

@Geez may be close this ticket as obsolete?